Get Involved

Ready to get involved?Let's Get to Work

Right now, across the twin cities metro area, from the suburbs to the urban core, TCDSA members are fitting into their busy schedules some time to get involved, get active, and get to work.

Are you interested in deeper involvement with TCDSA? Here is a preview of just some of our Branches, Committees, Working Groups, and Caucuses.

Branches & Caucuses

  • Labor & Economic Justice: Works to promote worker’s rights, worker organizing, labor unionization, and issues of economic justice.
  • Local Politics & Issues: From minimum wage to single-payer healthcare, if it’s local to the Twin Cities or Minnesota, this branch is discussing it.
  • Feminist Socialism: The Feminist Socialism branch is just beginning to form, ask about it at our next membership meeting!
  • YDS @ UMN: While its own organization, Young Democratic Socialists (YDS) operates very much like a branch within our organization. Are you a student at UMN or another college, university, or high school? Consider joining YDS and we’ll help you organize your school’s chapter.

Being Organized Now:

– Ecosocialism Branch
– Southwest Metro Branch & Suburban-Rural Caucus

Standing Committees

  • Steering Committee: Consisting of elected officers, and branch chairs, the steering committee helps take the democratically determined bigger vision and put it into real, doable work, and steers the larger organization toward our agreed upon goals.
  • Operations Committee: Behind every organization is a hive of busy, passionate people working to make things actually happen. Operations fills that role, from managing our web presence and social media campaigns, to coordinating the finer logistics of the membership meetings, raising funds, and many other tasks. Whether you’re into writing, graphic arts, project management, fundraising, or are willing to lend a hand wherever you can, the Chapter depends on Operations.

Working Groups & Ad-Hoc Committees

From time-to-time, we will form a working group or an ad-hoc committee to handle a specific event, task, or situation.


What is a Branch, Committee, Caucus, and Working Group… and what’s the difference?

This is often a point of confusion, even for members. The best way to think about the breakdown is this:

  • Branches are organized around an issue, cause, or geographic region. They are specifically broad in scope because they work on issues affecting a large group of people: Labor, Unionization, and Economic Justice; Feminism; or a sub-region such as a specific County or City.
  • Committees do work and are ‘tasks’ organized, working on similar tasks over a long period.
  • Working Groups are formed to handle a specific task or project that’s too big for just one person.
  • Ad-Hoc Committees would describe any other group formed for a brief period to handle a specific issue, event, or situation.
  • Caucuses are quasi-branches, but do not need required numbers of members to form.