Structure and Leadership

Structure and Leadership

Local chapters of DSA tend to follow a model based on the national structure, but less hierarchical. This makes it possible to be both deeply democratic and nimble enough to respond to events and circumstances in our own communities.

The ongoing activities of Twin Cities DSA are directed by a Steering Committee (SC) which meets in person monthly and also communicates as needed through electronic means.

The SC comprises the seven officers elected at the annual meeting in September, plus democratically elected representatives from active Branches (interest groups and geographic area groups) Currently, there are three active Branches, and four representatives. We are planning to expand the SC by adding more representation from Branches and also one or more At-large SC members. Everyone is welcome to attend SC meetings, and DSA members are particularly encouraged to speak out and contribute to debate, contribute ideas, or provide feedback. We always welcome feedback about our structure and ways to better sustain our activism.

Current Elected Officers

Co-Chair 1 – Nick R., (term ends October 2019)
Co-Chair 2 – Debra Keefer Ramage (term ends October 2018)
The two Co-chairs, who must be of different genders, serve as official contacts and spokespersons for external communication and convene Steering Committee meetings and quarterly member meetings.

Treasurer – Rob T. (term ends October 2019) The Treasurer is in charge of collecting, banking and accounting for the chapter’s money, and filing the Form 990, and adhering to the budget if there is one.

Social Secretary – Deanna G. (term ends October 2018) The Social Secretary is in charge of the member lists, and other contact lists, and is responsible for giving notice of meetings in a timely way, and is one of the chairs of the Operations Committee, in charge of Communications.

Recording Secretary – Lauren N. (term ends October 2019) The Recording Secretary is in charge of meeting minutes and other records of significance.

Political Action Director – Sheigh F. (term ends October 2018) The Political Action Director coordinates and assists members in carrying out political activities from door-knocking and phoning to demonstrations and strike support, and works to cultivate alliances with groups in alignment with DSA.

Political Education Director – Anders B. (term ends October 2019) The Political Education Director organizes or assists members in organizing educational events such as new member orientations, webinars, trainings, forums, and socials.