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Ecosocialism Branch: The ecosocialism branch is proposed around the idea that the current ecological crises facing the planet can only be addressed through anticapitalist means.  Discussion of policies, depressing climate change news, and local actions through a socialist lens. ecosocialism [at]

Electoral Branch: Working on utilizing electoral activities (election campaigns and outreach, pressure campaigns on elected officials) to push forward a socialist agenda. electionguide [at]

Housing Justice Branch We believe housing is a human right, but right now there are over 130,000 low-income renter families in the Twin Cities Metro who struggle to pay for housing. The Housing Justice Branch seeks to better understand the housing crisis and address housing instability through direct action and by influencing local public policy and planning. housing [at]

Labor and Economic Justice Branch: Discussion of the labor movement and workers’ fights against injustice – no union experience expected. Join us to discuss organizing in your workplace, show solidarity with struggles in our community, and plan events for the broader chapter. labor [at]

Socialist Feminism Branch: Discussion of socialist feminist literature, political issues, and actions. socfem [at]

Young Democratic Socialists of America at UofM: Get involved in campus politics and help organize a Labor Institute event connecting students with unions and class struggle. ydsumn [at]




Operations Committee: Brainstorm and organize fundraising, communications, social events, and other chapter business. operations [at]

Steering Committee: Consists of elected officers and representatives from branches and working groups. chairs [at]


Working Groups


Mutual Aid Working Group:   Mutual Aid involves comrades coming together to work as equals for the common good by assessing what people need and what people can provide.  This working group coordinates projects such as Brake Lights Clinics.  mutualaid [at]

Single Payer/Healthcare Issues Working Group: As the American health insurance system continues its collapse, the time has never been more ripe for single-payer health care. Through education and action, the Single-Payer/Healthcare Issues branch will work to promote a Medicare-for-All system both in Minnesota and across the nation. Only by totally and completely removing the private insurance industry from the picture can we bring fairness and justice to the provision of health care.