History of the DSA

Beginning of the DSA

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) began as “a remnant of a remnant” of the

Michael Harrington standing at a lecturne
Michael Harrington, Founder of the DSA (Wikipedia)

Socialist Party of America (SPA). The SPA was the party of socialist activists like Eugene Debs and Norman Thomas, as well as Michael Harrington, who would become the founder of DSA.  

Harrington formed the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee in 1973, which merged with the New American Movement in 1982 to form DSA. At that time, the group comprised approximately 6,000 members. Harrington led DSA until his death in 1989.

A Reclamation of ‘Socialism’

Today, DSA is led by National Director Maria Svart and Deputy National Director David

A black and white photograph of philosopher Cornel West, a honorary co-chair of DSA
Cornel West, DSA Honorary Co-Chair (DSA)

Duhalde and headquartered in New York.  Following a strong presidential campaign by self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent / Democrat – Vermont), DSA has close to 20,000 members and is by far the largest socialist organization in the country devoted to democracy, justice, and a better vision for America.
For more information about the history and vision of the DSA, visit the national’s website.